NCOTY and YNCOTY Webinar Series

Our first webinar for 2021 – the competition has launched today and Chair of judges, Paul Ainsworth unveils his hotly anticipated brief to an audience of ambitious, determined and talented chefs on a webinar. Joined by culinary icons Vivek Singh, Paul Askew and Lisa Goodwin-Allen as well as competition organiser, David Mulcahy, they also address what lies ahead for the hospitality industry and what chefs can learn from this experience to come back stronger than ever.

2021 Launch Webinar - link to recording

A first for 2020, the team for NCOTY and YNCOTY launched a series of exciting webinars featuring our ambassadors, past winners, judges and key sponsors, all bringing to life the online blogs & content created throughout the 9-month campaign to drive awareness of the prestigious competitions.

Webinar 1 - link to recording

Our first webinar is taking place this Wednesday (20th May) at 4pm. We’ve got an exciting panel of experts including judges, Angela Hartnett and Lisa Allen, former NCOTY finalist Diane Camp, YNCOTY winner and recent Great British Menu star, Ruth Hansom and NCOTY ambassador, Mex Ibrahim from Women in the Food Industry.

This session will be hosted by organiser of the competition, David Mulcahy who will talk to all the panellists about life during lockdown, their plans for reopening as well as what being part of a competition like NCOTY means. Lisa and Angela will be on hand to share some top tips for all of you who are still busy working on your entries. There will also be an opportunity for you to submit your own questions to the panel.

Webinar 2link to recording

Talented chefs Steve Groves and Kuba Winkowski have hit the headlines many times over the last few years. No more so than when each one won the coveted title of National Chef of the Year (NCOTY).

Cooking for so many Michelin-Starred chefs is no mean feat and both chefs rose to the challenge over the last two years to be crowned the winner. However, winning means more than just what you cook at the final. It’s about becoming a true ambassador for the industry and inspiring and supporting others. Both chefs truly have risen to this challenge.

In our second in a series of NCOTY webinars, Steve and Kuba will be interviewed by vice-president of the Craft Guild of Chefs, David Mulcahy. He’ll explore what the chefs have been doing during lockdown as well, their thoughts on plans for reopening and sharing what it takes to be a successful chef. For those considering entering the competition this year, the chefs will be on hand to talk about their experience and answer your questions live on the webinar.

Webinar 3link to recording

As we begin the final two weeks for chefs to complete their National Chef of the Year entries, many chefs will be pulling together their final menu. Knowing there is an opportunity to make the top 40, chefs will want to guarantee they have absorbed all advice and guidance on creating the perfect entry.

On Wednesday 3rd June at 4pm, David Mulcahy will bring together former NCOTY winner, Russell Bateman and regular judge, Peter Joyner. As well as learning about their work during lockdown, we will focus on how to create a great entry with a special spotlight on photography. Whilst you aren’t being judged on your photography skills, you will want to show your dishes off in the best way possible with really strong images.

Peter and Russell will be revealing how they take stunning food photography to promote their culinary skills online. The session will be relaxed and informal with the opportunity for participants to put questions to all the panel.

For anyone considering entering in 2020, this is an ideal opportunity to ask questions to help your entry and pick up some top tips to impress Paul Ainsworth and the rest of the NCOTY judges.