National Chef of the Year - Entry Guidelines

Competitors should pay particular attention to:

  • Skills – a strong focus for judges
  • Taste & Flavour
  • Seasonality – (as the semi-finals take place in the month of June)
  • Sourcing & Provenance
  • Menu Balance
  • Wastage
  • Adherence to criteria
  • Mise en place allowed
  • Timing – menu must be capable of being prepared, cooked and served within a 2 HOUR TIMEFRAME

Mise en Place allowed

  • Unless stated in the criteria, no preparation is permitted other than:
  • Weighed ingredients 
  • Peeled, not prepared fruit and vegetables 
  • Basic stocks
  • Puff pastry, filo pastry 
  • Egg custards (not set) and batters
  • Marinated meats or fish (where appropriate)

Please Note:

  • Unless otherwise stated, competitors are required to supply all food and specialist equipment. Semi-finalists will be advised on all other equipment prior to the cook-off. 
  • Competitors should be aware that cook off for semi-finals will be in June and should consider seasonal changes accordingly.

Photography: seasonal variations will be allowed for the purposes of photographs accompanying competition entries.

Dates to note:

Closing date for receipt of preliminary entries:

  • Friday 3rd April 2020

Announcement of the semi-finalists: 

  • Friday 15th May 2020

Semi Finals: 

  • Tuesday 15th June 2020, Sheffield College, Sheffield 
  • Tuesday 22nd June 2020, Westminster Kingsway College, London

Finalist Mentor Day:

  • 7th September, London based venue

Grand Final and Awards: 

  • Tuesday 29th September 2020 at The Restaurant Show, Olympia, London.